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Dear Stranger

The Kansas 2018 Suicide Prevention PSA tackles the importance of connecting with the people around you. Check on each other.


Information, materials, and a variety of resources to help you raise awareness and further prevention efforts in your community.

More Resources

National Runaway Prevention Month

NRPM works to raise awareness of the crisis of runaway and homeless youth and to educate the public about possible solutions.

November 13-14
KPCCI Planning Cohort 3: Planning, Implementation and Evaluation (13th for Grant & Barber, 14th for Doniphan & PBPN)

13th for Grant & Barber at Pratt
14th for Doniphan & PBPN at Lawrence

Great American Smokeout

Increase awareness and challenge smokers to quit smoking, for at least one day.This year's theme is “Quit like a Champion.” People who smoke are encouraged to triumph over addiction. Recognizing that people are familiar with the many reasons to quit, the American Cancer Society offers coaching in quit-smoking programs and supports, and Kansas has our own support system for quitting.