About KPC

KDADS recognized the opportunity to expand prevention efforts to be inclusive of substance use prevention, mental health promotion, suicide prevention, and problem gambling prevention to enhance the behavioral health of Kansas communities. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) defines behavioral health as a state of emotional/mental being and/or choices and actions that affect health and wellness. Individuals engage in behavior and make choices that affect their wellness, such as whether or not to use alcohol. Communities can also influence choices and actions that affect wellness, such as imposing and enforcing laws that restrict youth accessing alcohol. Behavioral health, then, can also be used to describe the service systems surrounding the promotion of mental health, the prevention and treatment of substance use, problem gambling, and mental health disorders, and the prevention of suicide. Data at both the state and national level underscore that now is the time to more comprehensively address prevention efforts across the spectrum of behavioral health.

The Kansas Prevention Collaborative was created in an effort to integrate and innovate behavioral health prevention efforts.


Integrate behavioral health prevention efforts (substance use disorders, suicide prevention, mental health promotion, problem gambling education and awareness)


Allocate greater resources to local level, community-driven prevention efforts


All services provided by the Collaborative partners are designed to support capacity development, increase engagement and involvement and expand opportunities in terms of fiscal and other resources to communities across the state.