Mission: PreventionWorKS believes in the power of passionate people working together to promote positive change by empowering collaboration, fostering the sharing of creative and innovative resources, and inspiring hope.

Vision: A vibrant Kansas empowered through community connectedness.

PreventionWorKS connects individuals and groups across the state of Kansas who are passionate about prevention work and making a difference in their communities. Since 2016, quarterly meetings have provided opportunities for mentoring and working collaboratively to integrate behavioral health promotion and the prevention of substance abuse, suicide, and problem gambling. These meetings have been attended by hundreds of people with ongoing evaluation and adaptation as recommended by attendees.

The Steering Committee of PreventionWorKS is composed of members from community prevention coalitions representing a balance of community size, geography, and prevention focus areas. This group provides guidance to the full coalition, and benefits from expertise and influence offered by members of PreventionWorKS.

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Five Guiding Principles
  • Supportive mentoring and collaboration
  • PreventionWorKS will offer a place for a shared voice and access to key change agents
  • The synergistic opportunities of statewide projects, pooling of resources, unifying voice & collaborative impact that will leverage other opportunities
  • Opportunities with strength in numbers, elevating successes, and sharing statewide and local data
  • Integration of approaches related to behavioral health promotion and prevention across the continuum of care

PreventionWorKS is here for you and your communities. Visit the KPC calendar for information on upcoming events

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