Strategic Prevention Framework

Data Collection and Analysis

Assessment and Evaluation of data is an ongoing process for community coalitions as they learn to define the problem they desire to change, understand what factors might be influencing the extent of the challenge, and evaluate the effectiveness of their efforts. Communities and coalitions can learn to collect accurate data from reliable sources, and Kansas has been able to pride itself as a state based on the data made available by the Kansas Communities That Care student survey and other resources.

This page will be updated with local and statewide resources for helpful materials guiding assessment and evaluation, and how to use the data to make modifications or changes to strategies chosen for implementation.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) offers a great collection of reference materials related to data collection and analysis, including methods for choosing from the many different methods.

Learn more from a few of SAMHSA's reference page comparing different data collection methods, here:

Also, in addition to the support provided by the Partners of the Kansas Prevention Collaborative, the Kansas Community Toolbox provides additional guidance.

For Kansas-specific data on youth substance use and risk and protective factors from 2005-2014, click here.

For 2014 Kansas maps of youth substance use in the 30-days prior to completing the survey, by Kansas County, see the following resources, provided by Kansas Communities That Care data: