Strategic Prevention Framework

Capacity Building
Do we have what we need to make a difference?

Capacity Building is the second step of the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) process, and it helps communities answer the question: Do we have what we need to address the identified need? Capacity Building includes identification of needed resources and readiness for addressing the need of focus. Locating and engaging community members from all 12 community sectors provides a firm foundation for enhancing a coalition's resources and readiness to implement evidence-based policies, practices and programs.

Key things to keep in mind:
  • Engaging key stakeholders in solving problems builds the synergy needed to act and sustain strategic action
  • A community's capacity must include cultural representation and influence, specific to the community seeking change as what works in one community may not work in another without necessary adaptations
  • Conduct a community capacity inventory or assessment to identify:
    • Who in your community might be your champions for change?
    • Who has a passion and expertise for your prevention goals?
    • Who is able and willing to face the problem you've identified in your community, even if it means committing their resources to address that problem?
  • Forming relationships with shared meaning and goals is critical
  • Develop clear roles, responsibilities, and organizational structure