Strategic Prevention Framework

What are we going to do about this need?

Planning is the third step of the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) process, and it helps communities answer the question: What evidence-based policies, practices, and programs will we implement to respond to this need? This step is very important to the sustainability of strengthened efforts and changes being made.

Key things to keep in mind:
  • Pull together a planning team that is reflective of the community in as many ways as possible
  • Define your vision and mission
  • Use the data gathered in the first two steps to complete these three tasks of the planning phase:
    • Prioritize risk and protective factors
    • Build a logic model for your plan
    • Choose effective strategies
  • Effective strategies will be those which:
    • Are evidence-based
    • Fit, in concept, with the community (directly addresses one or more of the priority factors influencing the need)
    • Fit, practically, with the community (culturally relevant, with community support)
  • Identify clear strategic goals, measurable objectives and targets
  • Create a funding and sustainability plan