Strategic Prevention Framework

Is our plan working?

Evaluation is the fifth step of the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) process, and it helps communities answer the question: Does this work? This step is the systematic collection and analysis of data about prevention strategies, process, and outcomes. This step includes evaluating the information and using it to promote effectiveness in a community's efforts. Evaluation results will inform communities about what strategies to continue and what strategies to change or stop. This information will also be used to continue engagement of key stakeholders to promote efforts and increase community interest and support.

Key things to keep in mind:
  • Measure effectiveness and efficiency of each strategy
  • Can areas of improvement be identified? If so, how did the community adapt?
  • Evaluation of community activity is an important part of every step of Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF)
  • Ask the following key questions:
    • How effective was the community's planning and implementation?
    • Were strategies of best fit identified?
    • Were key community partners involved in planning and implementation?
    • How were partners involved?
    • Did the coalition identify any new potential partners who are needed?
    • What was the quality of the data used in all five steps of the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) ?
  • What is the best way to tell our story?
  • Does our target population experience our selected strategies as something being done to them, or for and with them?