Strategic Prevention Framework

Can we keep this going?

Sustainability is one of the two underlying parts of the entire Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF), and it needs to be an ongoing process involving local people openly communicating, problem-solving, and planning for adaptations and long-term strategies. This component includes focus on priority populations and the overall community, and answers the question: How will we keep our local efforts going, beyond the current available funding?

Key things to keep in mind:
  • Sustainability has a close, natural connection to assessment and planning
  • Develop a sustainability plan with a focus on the future, including what is needed in these areas:
    • Financial support
    • Stakeholder and community engagement
    • Community awareness
    • Champions and advocates
    • Training and technical assistance
    • Strategies and their conceptual and practical fit
    • Hosting and facilitating
    • Established strategies
  • Creating a Sustainability Workgroup may help value this important component