Community Engagement Institute Introduction

The Community Engagement Institute takes a comprehensive approach to behavioral health promotion and prevention, joining hands with community members across the state. We work with the Kansas Prevention Collaborative to support community coalitions, guide the use of evidence-based strategies, create toolkits for Kansans, increase interaction among coalitions, and support the Kansas prevention network. Our goal is also to facilitate and encourage the sharing of behavioral health promotion and prevention efforts being used in communities across Kansas. This communication "hub" will include strategies, such as:

  • Online Tools
  • Development of a Statewide Prevention Coalition
  • Statewide Awareness Efforts
  • Social Marketing
  • Training and Events

Formerly the Center for Community Support and Research (CCSR), the Community Engagement Institute has the goal of promoting best practices for those working to improving people’s lives. The Community Engagement Institute brings over 30 years of experience in connecting community partners sparking positive change through many program areas, such as:

  • Leadership and Coaching
  • Community Collaboration
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Behavioral Health and Peer Support
  • Public Health
  • Volunteer Efforts

Check out the Community Engagement Institute website to learn more!