KU Work Group and Greenbush Introduction

For approximately two decades, the KU Center for Community Health & Development, in partnership with the Southeast Kansas Education Service Center (Greenbush) has supported the evaluation of prevention efforts in Kansas. Through the Kansas Prevention Collaborative, the KU Work Group will continue to provide supports to communities to assist in understanding contributions towards improvements in behavioral health and prevention outcomes in Kansas. Through the use of the Community Check Box Evaluation System, the KU Work Group provides communities with a web-based evaluation tool that supports coalitions in documenting and reviewing community level-data on program and strategy implementation. Community coalition representatives are trained to use the Community Check Box (CCB) to record prevention and behavioral health activities as they are implemented by coalitions in communities throughout the state of Kansas.

The KUWG helps to ensure accurate and reliable data are collected across communities. These data collected by communities in the Community Check Box are used by KDADS to report federal and state reporting requirements as well as assist the community in measuring the success achieved while implementing strategies to decrease and prevent adolescent substance abuse, suicide, and problem gambling. Community documenters are trained to document activities, develop graphs, and compile reports based on their data documented in the CCB. The evaluation supports aid coalition partners in not only systematically communicating their story of change and improvement in communities, but also enhances coalition capacity to collect quality data and evaluate the effectiveness of their efforts.

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