Greenbush/The Center for Learning Tree Institute (LTI)

The Center for Learning Tree Institute (LTI), a supporting organization of Greenbush, provides a wide range of services for the Kansas Prevention Collaborative, including data collection, analysis, and reporting for the purpose of evaluating state and community progress toward targeted goals and outcomes. One of LTI’s most important roles is to work with schools to administer the Kansas Communities That Care (KCTC) Student Survey. For more than 20 years, KCTC has provided a consistent source of local, county and statewide data on youth attitudes and behaviors regarding substance use. See more at

Greenbush/LTI provides the following services as part of the Kansas Prevention Collaborative:

  • Work with grantee communities to complete a needs assessment based on appropriate data
  • Collaboration with grantee communities as they develop plans to evaluate their efforts
  • Statewide, regional, and local-level behavioral health data collection to ensure accurate data are available for planning and federal reporting
  • Development, printing, and distribution of pre- and post-program surveys for each community implementing prevention strategies
  • Reporting on outcomes of prevention efforts

In addition, Greenbush/LTI contracts with the KU Work Group for Community Health and Development to provide support for the Community Check Box Evaluation System, an online tool for documenting community progress.

LTI is the not-for-profit supporting organization of the Southeast Kansas Education Service Center, better known as Greenbush. Greenbush specializes in filling in the gaps when school districts are unable to offer specific programs or services, with the goal of ensuring equal educational opportunities for every student. Many LTI programs help Greenbush work toward that goal. In addition to schools, LTI’s Grants and Evaluation Department has provided data analysis and evaluation services for many state and community organizations, including KDADS.

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