Keys for Networking, Inc. Introduction

With the Kansas Prevention Collaborative, Keys for Networking provides:

  • Outreach and information to families via Facebook. Please share this page with family members and friends whose children/adolescents have severe mental health and/or substance abuse issues, educational needs as a result of these issues and/or suicide ideation.
    Through Facebook we also offer private groups where parents whose children have same or different issues may share strategies to negotiate with providers, manage youth in their home, make school work. Contact the page above to get involved and to receive information daily.
  • One to one parent information, support and advocacy via phone, email, Skype, chat lines to:
    • Assist parents with educational problems such as seclusion and restraint, suspension and expulsion, transitioning youth from residential treatment programs to home schools, securing Section 504 and IDEA plans to help children with severe emotional behavioral programs succeed;
    • Assist parents with securing helpful mental health and substance abuse services, including paying for them;
    • Assist parents to participate with providers and managed care organizations to make sure their interests are heard and protected, that the priorities for care are safety and children close to home/at home.
  • One to one and small group training and problem solving sessions via internet, telephone, chat rooms on negotiating with providers, securing school supports, and managing children/adolescents who are difficult to raise through a series of Keys developed modules, "Kids for Keep," available 24/7 in print and/or online to clients.
  • Represent interests of Kansas parents to state policy groups: the Governor’s Behavioral Health Services Planning Council (GBHSPC), the GBHSPC Children’s Committee, the Kansas Mental Health Coalition, the Kansas State Department of Education Task Force on School Seclusion and Restraint, KanCare Consumer Advisory Council, the national Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health, and the national Family-Run Executive Director Leadership Association. Kansas Juvenile Justice Reform Planning Committee, and others.

Keys for Networking’s involvement in the community has generated many success stories. For example:

  • Youth with severe behavioral emotional disabilities graduates from high school: After a long history—13 years of his mother fighting for mental health services during community and residential placements with the Kansas Department of Corrections—the youth graduates. Keys supported his single mother from Pittsburg with information, training, advocacy (attending meetings, speaking with providers with her, connecting her to key decision makers in education, behavioral health, substance abuse treatment and juvenile corrections) for over five years and nine different placements.
  • Manhattan parents worked with Managed Care: Parents worked with a Managed Care Organization (MCO) to prolong the stay of a young man with severe mental illness in a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) until an appropriate community program was found—a six-month extension. Keys worked with the parents, the PRTF and the placement to develop the long term plan and assure youth and community safety.
  • Families and Schools Collaboration: Two known Topeka families have been successful working with their school system to establish long term homebased services for children with severe anxiety and trauma experiences. Their children are unable to return immediately to schools from Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities.

Contact Keys for Networking to learn more.