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Drug and Alcohol Task Force Helps Battle Under-Age Drink

The Kingman-Norwich Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition distributed stickers to local liquor stores that have reminders about the consequences of providing alcohol to minors.

The campaign, called "Sticker Shock," involved Kingman High School students, staff and community members who serve on the coalition’s task force taking stickers to server liquor stores. Employees will place the stickers on packages of alcohol.

The stickers include information reminding people that it is illegal to provide alcohol to minors. They inform people about the fines and jail sentences they could face if they are caught giving alcohol to anyone under the age of 21.

KHS Principal Andy Albright, who serves on the task force, said the stickers are one of several activities the coalition planned thanks to federal grant money received.

"This is one of the activities we decided to do to raise awareness for some of the consequences and fines that come along with providing alcohol to minors," Albright said.

He and Jennifer Albright, director of MATCH for Kingman County Mentoring/Youth for Christ, joined KHS students Caleb Krehbiel, Allie DeWeese, Brant Harnden and Tanner Albright in making visits to liquor stores. Kingman County Police Chief David Lux and King County Sheriff’s Sgt. David Hillman and Deputy Amber Barratti joined the team members.

"They (the stores) will put the stickers on the products they sell and, that way, people will hopefully become a little more aware and help stop some of that activity that occurs." Andy Albright said.

The Kingman Leader-Courier - Bob Morris