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Sumner County Community Drug Action Team

When Laura and Zack Poppelwell lost their second child to an alcohol related accident they used their platform to draw attention to the problem of underage drinking and driving in their community. Sumner County has rallied behind them in an effort to educate kids, parents, and teachers on the dangers of underage drinking.

Supported by the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services, Sumner County was able to implement a comprehensive strategic plan that included programs like Strengthening Families, Lions Quest, Botvin Life Skills, and the CMCA Project. All of these efforts worked together to educate families on the importance of talking about alcohol and having clear family rules about alcohol consumption.

Strengthening Families included 13 sites, 43 trained facilitators, 70 families, and 401 parents and youth. Lions Quest included 225 classrooms, 275 trained facilitators, and 5,820 students. Botvin Life Skills included 49 groups, 50 trained facilitators, and 1,012 young people.

Through leadership summits, fake crashes, youth summits, and countless other efforts, the Sumner County Community Drug Action Team has made great lengths to reduce underage alcohol consumption. According to the Kansas Communities That Care Annual Survey, underage alcohol use in Sumner County decreased by 12.5% in 2012, and binge drinking decreased by 6.5%. Sumner County is a great example of communities working together to build a better future for their young people.