To celebrate a year of working with the Kansas Prevention Collaborative and the WSU Prevention Initiatives team, I’m being “strongly encouraged” to write a blog post about myself.

Why I put off writing a personal blog post for a year?

  1. Because writing about myself sounded daunting
  2. Because I got away with it for a year

About three months ago I was given a due date of June 1st for writing this blog, and here I am, 4:24 p.m. on May 31st.

I met my husband exactly five years ago today in a Cold Stone after asking him out on a date through text (ugh, those darn millennials). We had mutual friends encouraging this, and meeting a stranger for ice cream sounded like less commitment than meeting for dinner. I also just really like ice cream. Later this summer, we will celebrate our third wedding anniversary. Our adorable pup, Sirius Black, joined us last summer, and basically runs this show.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Communication in 2014, but not before realizing I had spent three years working towards a degree I didn’t actually see a career in. After graduation, I began the Masters of Social Work program at Newman University, and graduated in 2017.

WSU’s Community Engagement Institute was my first full-time job after graduation. My work experience prior to WSU ranges from selling wedding dresses, and the Kansas Leadership Center to my practicums at the Sedgwick County Juvenile Detention Facility and CASA of Sedgwick County.

If we haven’t met before, I look forward to getting to know everyone at future PreventionWorKS or the upcoming Kansas Prevention Conference.

I’ll close with a quote by my favorite fictional character.

“What kind of lunatic would want to be Cleopatra over Eleanor Roosevelt?” – Leslie Knope