Suicide Rates

Data Source: Kansas Information for Communities (KIC) – Death Statistics

Description: KIC is based on resident data compiled from death certificates filed with the Bureau of Epidemiology and Public Health Informatics at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. This KIC module will produce counts, population-based crude death rates, and population-based age adjusted death rates. All three of these measures can be calculated by cause of death, year, age-group, sex, race, Hispanic origin, and county of residence.

Measure: Rate per/100k (Calculated by taking the indicator number divided by the geographic population then multiplied by 100,000)
Definition: Rate per 100,000 population of those individuals whose underlying primary cause of death is listed on their death certificate was Suicide* (Intentional self-harm by discharge of firearms and Interntional self-harm by other/unspecified means).