The Finney County Community Health Coalition began in August of 2000. Through the twenty-one years, various names were given to the group but when the group applied and receive their 501 3 (c) Finney County Community Health Coalition, Inc. was the name associated to the group. In the late 1990’s the group began using a tagline, “LiveWell Finney County.”  The legal name of the agency is Finney County Community Health Coalition, Inc. but does business as “LiveWell Finney County.” The group began meeting after the monthly Community Service Council meetings and the fruition of the Coalition is due to a Dominican Catholic Sister who was passionate and concerned about the teen pregnancy rates. 


The Finney County Community Health Coalition works to improve the health, well-being and safety of the people of Finney County by collaborating to build a better community.


Finney County – Garden City and Holcomb

What they're most proud of

The coalition helped pass T-21, using the support form groups across the coalition to sponsor and endorse the initiative, and it will make a huge impact on youth prevention and the coalition’s ability to partner and bring everyone to the table for the benefit of the community. Plus, over the past 21 years, staff has changed at the coalition and at partner agencies, but the collective group continues to work for the greater good of the community – ensuring that the team is able to collaborate successfully with community partners.