impact ulysses

Over the past three years, IMPACT Ulysses has become an integral component of and leader in active living, healthy eating and prevention and intervention to reduce dangerous and destructive behaviors.  IMPACT Ulysses has developed a broad-based membership including representatives of business sector, school, local government, public health sector including hospital, local health department and mental health organizations, social service agencies, and private citizens invested in the health of the community.  We strive to build cooperation, collaboration, and connections among various organizations and agencies in our community.


IMPACT Ulysses works to promote healthy lifestyles and reduce risky behaviors for youth, their families and our diverse community.


Innovating to inspire, impart and invest in healthy minds and healthy lives to build healthy communities for tomorrow.


Impact Ulysses has a large Hispanic population, a significant percentage of which are undocumented and a high percentage of people living in poverty.  According to school enrollment figures, students are 65.28% Hispanic, 29.2% White and 5.52% Other.  We have 15.2% of the students self-declare themselves as migrant and 39.2% are English Language Learners.  Additionally, 58.79% of students are economically disadvantaged and are enrolled in free or reduced lunches. 

What they're most proud of

Each coalition member of IMPACT Ulysses, our local health coalition, represent unique voices.  We value the perspective and roles each member brings to the table.  The coalition members are active in each decision making, look at data and information gained from community contacts.  Our coalition members see their community connections as part of the partnership that helps us move forward through many policies, programs and projects.  We cannot do this work alone.  It is truly a community effort.