PreventionWorKS is a statewide Behavioral Health Prevention Coalition with members from across Kansas.
We meet quarterly and focus on five identified purposes:

  1. Connection: Supportive mentoring and collaboration
  2. Voice: A place for a shared voice and access to key change agents
  3. Synergy: Opportunities for statewide projects, pooling of resources, unifying voice,
    and collaborative impact that will leverage other opportunities
  4. Empowerment: Opportunities with strength in numbers, elevating success, and sharing statewide and local data
  5. Integration: Integration of approaches to behavioral health promotion and prevention across the continuum of care

Upcoming PreventionWorks

April 15, 2021 | Virtual PreventionWorKS

Adults Supporting Youth Groups

Join us at PreventionWorKS to learn from Nigel Wrangham, CADC II, CPS!

Time: 10 am to 12:30 pm


June 17, 2021 | PreventionWorKS

Join us on June 17th to hear from Dr. Shayla Sullivant about Prepped and Ready, a presentation developed by Dr. Sullivant and Children’s Mercy Hospital. Prepped and Ready is a great way to address and build family protective factors in your community. We will also hear from Kansas youth on “What to Know: Transitioning from Middle School to High School or High School to College”.



September 9, 2021
10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
You will learn about Suicide Prevention Awareness from the Kansas Suicide Prevention HQ and hear ways your coalition can celebrate family day on Sept. 27.