PreventionWorKS is a statewide Behavioral Health Prevention Coalition with members from across Kansas.
We meet quarterly and focus on five identified purposes:


  1. Connection: Supportive mentoring and collaboration
  2. Voice: A place for a shared voice and access to key change agents
  3. Synergy: Opportunities for statewide projects, pooling of resources, unifying voice,
    and collaborative impact that will leverage other opportunities
  4. Empowerment: Opportunities with strength in numbers, elevating success, and sharing statewide and local data
  5. Integration: Integration of approaches to behavioral health promotion and prevention across the continuum of care

Upcoming PreventionWorks



8901 E. Orme St. 

Wichita KS 67207 



June 9th, 2022 

10:00 AM to 3:00 PM 

Breakfast and lunch provided 


June’s PreventionWorKS meeting will be focused on equity and inclusion. Cultural competence is a key part of the SPF, but how do we ensure we are putting it into practice in our coalition? Hear from speakers who will share about creating inclusive spaces and connect with other coalitions working to make progress in their community. Let’s go beyond the buzzwords to create lasting change. 


Register here by June 1.