Prevention Certification

Training and Other Resources


Six hours of prevention ethics training are required for initial certification and recertification (every two years).

Kansas is currently referring people needing six hours of prevention ethics to take a moderated online course held by SAMHSA’S CAPT called Ethics in Prevention: A Guide for Substance Abuse Prevention Practitioners. A notice regarding registration being open will be sent to current certified staff by Kansas Prevention Certification Board staff. Here is more information about the training:


This moderated online course addresses the role and application of ethics in substance abuse prevention. Using cases and interactive activities, participants will explore the six standards in the Prevention Code of Ethics and learn to use a four-step decision-making process to assess, address, and evaluate a range of ethical issues. In addition, five discussion forums, facilitated by an experienced course moderator, provide opportunities for participants to apply lessons learned.

What Does Participation Entail?

  • Logging on to the course website at least once a day, at your convenience.
  • Reviewing course materials.
  • Completing online activities designed to help you apply what you have learned.
  • Participating in moderated, web-based discussions (i.e., responding to discussion questions, reviewing the responses of fellow participants, and responding to at least one of their comments)


This course has been endorsed by the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium (IC&RC). Individuals who receive a passing grade on the course self-assessment (80% correct) and participate fully in the online discussion forum will receive a certificate for six hours of participation.


Date in parentheses is date of initial certification

Shana Burgess (1/1/2011)
Misty Burke (7/8/2004)
Megan Clark (1/1/2015)
Dena Dean (1/1/2011)
Janine Gracy (6/1/2003)
Jamie Katz (1/1/2008)
Sue Matson (1/1/2013)
Kari Quiton Humes (1/1/2007)
Brenda Salvati (1/1/2007)
Carol Spiker (9/8/2000)
Dena Kemp (4/30/2013)