Rise Up Reno

We began in 2013 as part of the CTC research project out of the University of Washington. They were performing research using a youth development survey and strategic planning framework. After five years, we were a success. This gave us training, connections and evidence to move forward. Since then we have secured several Substance Misuse Prevention grants to build our capacity and continue the work.


To promote healthy youth behaviors through mentoring, substance misuse prevention, suicide prevention, strengthening families and you leadership.


Reno County including Hutchinson, population 42,080. With all the small towns and rural areas, Reno County is a total population of 62,342 in 51 square miles. We work with citizens and students in six unified school districts.

What they're most proud of

This year we are proud of our ability to pivot. Most of our regular programs have changed drastically due to COVID-19 effects on the school districts. We have been able to strengthen some our community work, partnered with other organizations in order to reach as many families as possible, and we have been spreading more awareness for mental health and suicide prevention resources.  We are fortunate we have had so much experience and training over the years to help us find ways to make the best use of our resources during the pandemic.

Rise Up Reno has a diverse coalition and board of directors to keep the agency moving forward. There have been a lot of successes and will continue to be many more.