Coalitions – Impaired Driving

46 Tragic Facts about Drunk Driving

A Systematic Review: Effectiveness of Mass Media Campaigns for Reducing Alcohol-Impaired Driving and Alcohol-Related Crashes 
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Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety: Kansas 

Cell-phone Use Diminishes Self-Awareness of Impaired Driving  
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Community How-to Guide on Prevention & Education 
Source: Underage Drinking Prevention

Community-Based Impaired-Driving Programs: Local ordinances and Other Strategies Addressing Impaired Driving (Downloadable PDF) 
Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Distraction Produces Over-Additive Increases in the Degree to Which Alcohol Impair Driving Performance 
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Driving on Ice: Impaired Driving Skills in Current Methamphetamine Users 
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Drunk Driving and Fatalities in the USA (Infographic) 
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Drunk Driving by the Numbers 
Source: Department of Transportation

Drunk Driving Prevention
Source: Police Magazine

Drunk Driving Prevention 

Effectiveness of Alcohol Prevention Interventions Based on the Principles of Social Marketing: A Systematic Review 
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Excessive Alcohol Use: Preventing a Leading Risk of Death, Disease, and Injury 
Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility 

Foundation for Traffic Safety 
Source: AAA Foundation

Help Series: Impaired Driving 
Source: Office for Victims of Crime

I Know Everything: Teen Driver Safety Action Toolkit 
Source: Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility

Impaired Driving 
Source: Kansas Traffic Safety Resource Office

Mothers Against Drunk Driving 

Motorcycle Safety 
Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

No Alcohol, Tobacco, or Other Drugs 
Source: Strengthening Families Program

Predicted Risk Perception and Risk-taking Behavior: The Case of Impaired Driving 
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Preventing Impaired Driving Opportunities and Problems 
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Prevention of Coordinated Eye Movements and Steering Impairs Driving Performance 
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Prevention Tools 
Source: Drinking and Driving

Safe Driving in Tribal Communities 
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Sobering Facts: Drunk Driving in Kansas 
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Teen Drugged Driving: A Community Awareness Activity Toolkit 
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The Effect of Auditory Distraction on the Useful Field of View in Hearing Impaired Individuals and Its Implications for Driving 
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Tips: How to Prevent Someone from Drunk Driving 

Traffic Safety Facts 2013: Pedestrians 
Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Traffic Safety Facts: Distracted Driving 2012 

U.S. State Ignition Interlock Laws for Alcohol Impaired Driving Prevention
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Underage Drinking Prevention Video 
Source: Parents Empowered

Underage Drinking 
Source: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism